Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds takes on Formula 1!


  • Different, challenging obstacles
  • Plays well on the large screen of your browser
  • New levels unlock in anticipation of real life upcoming races


  • Requires users to register
  • Nothing really new apart from a few graphics

Very good

Angry Birds Heikki is an off-shoot of the popular game hit the world by storm when it became a super popular app for iPhone. Now you can play a variant of the addicting game in your web browser.

First there was the regular web app version of Angry Birds. With the release of Angry Birds Heikki, there's now a version for racing fans.


The web version of Angry Birds is nearly the same as the mobile edition. The same likewise goes for Angry Birds Heikki. Your aim is to destroy the green pigs and smash their strongholds on the right side of the screen by throwing birds at them. To fire a bird, you use a slingshot as a catapult, which is on the left side of the screen.

Every time you fire in Angry Birds Heikki, you need to carefully adjust the aim, power and angle of your shoot in order to hit the target. To help you improve your aim, Angry Birds keeps the trajectory of the previous bird as a dot line on the screen.

Angry Birds Heikki

One key difference to Angry Birds Heikki is simply the images. Instead of blocks of ice and wood that make up those dastardly pigs' forts, you get to enjoy tires and other racing paraphernalia. In that way, the differences between Angry Birds Heikki and other variants are more superficial than anything.

As of now, new levels will be unlocked on a date-specific basis to coincide with the approach of real-life F1 races. This will either keep users coming back to the game as the championship approaches in November later this year, or else make less diehard fans lose interest or simply forget to check back. Angry Birds Heikki also requires you to register with an email and a password before you can play, which might be off-putting to some users.

For those who didn’t have enough of it on their mobile phones, Angry Birds Heikki offers new levels for racing and general fans alike for free as a web app.

Angry Birds Heikki

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Angry Birds Heikki

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